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Go Java Bean not only tastes great but gives me focus, energy and I feel good all day ready to GO ! I wont be without this coffee.

-Andy Wallner, Business owner California





I am 78 years young thanks to this amazing coffee GO JAVA BEAN. When they say its a game changer in the coffee space it really is. The energy, focus, stamina, appetite control all day its true it does it all. My workouts are so much better and I recover quickly without as much soreness and fatigue. Thank you for making such a great product that works like you say it does.

-Coach Jim Gray,  Ex Pro Football and Pro Athlete, Palo Cedro California




As a massage therapist I expend a lot of energy throughout my day. I like having a cup of Go Java bean around 11 o’clock. It definitely increases my focus and concentration with my clients and makes my body feel stronger throughout the day with my clients that desire deep tissue work. My appetite is decreased without any adverse effects. In fact it brings me a sense of calmness and balance. I love this product... GO JAVA BEAN !!!

-Shellie Martin, Certified Massage Therapist WR Anderson California




GO JAVA BEAN is by far the most powerful superfood coffee out there. I am an extreme sports enthusiast and I need extreme results when on the Go. This is the most amazing formula I have ever tried and its in my backpack for good. Thanks GJB !!!

-Nicaylen Rayasa, Extreme sports enthusiast, San Francisco California





GO JAVA BEAN has pretty much changed my life. I have lost 126 lbs and kept it off for 3 years and now I work out, hike, hunt, fish and am outdoors all the time. I could not have lost the weight without this and I am truly livin and lovin life ....oh ya

-Steve Michelucci, Businessman Redwood City California






Go Java Bean is the best pre-workout drink I have ever had. I feel stronger with more energy and stamina plus my workout and recovery is better all the way around. The fact that its all organic and non GMO makes this my only choice. Try this stuff you will be amazed !

-Tyler Joseph, Entrepreneur and workout enthusiast, Redding California 





Backpacking is a passion of mine and I am grateful I found this amazing coffee that gives me more energy focus and drive than any energy drink on the market.
Its light weight and every outdoor enthusiast should use it.

-Aaron Spencer, Backpacker and coffee lover, Alberta Canada





I don’t like the idea of so many fixating on their body image but let’s face it we all do. If you know me you know I love potatoes, I like to eat, I like a stiff drink and not restricting myself in any way shape or form so I’m often going up and down in weight and size. As I’m pushing 40 I find that I can’t eat whatever I want or loose it as fast as I’d like. But, with adjusting my carb and sugar intake, working out consistently and taking Go Java Bean I am officially down 15 pounds and have kept it off for almost 3 months. Plus I do cycling class and its much better with GO JAVA BEAN. Thanks Louis for introducing me to this product. It’s easy to use and tastes great in my coffee.

-Annie Smith, Operations Manager, Redding California





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