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Creation of

Go Java Bean

GO JAVA BEAN, was created by Louis Volpe Health and Wellness expert as well as Snow Skier, Mountain Biker, Backpacker and Exercise freak.

GO JAVA BEAN has been a lifelong passion to offer other enthusiasts an Organic healthy cup of Java gourmet SUPERFOOD blend that is healthy tastes great and above all gives you the performance to GO the distance. You will experience the results from the very first cup !

GO JAVA BEAN is perfect for hunting, fishing, backpacking trips or for anyone wanting to lessen the load where weight is an issue and you get 15/30 full servings on the go !!!

GO JAVA BEAN did not spare any expense using University and clinically tested ingredients like SUPER CITRIMAX and CHROMEMATE TM, to help burn fat and block unnecessary carbs that convert to fat. These ingredients have been tested and found to improve body composition, reduce fat and lower bad cholesterol and improve overall health.  

GO JAVA BEAN has herbally infused this SUPERFOOD with many amazing ingredients like; Nano Technology CBD ( CANNABADIOL)  to help reduce inflammation and anxiety. CBD also improves sleep and helps you recover fully. There is NO CBD nano emulsion on the planet that works like this CBD. This CBD absorbs immediately into the blood for fast results. CBD is fast becoming the future of natural medicine.

Also infused with energy herbal extracts like ginseng, green tea, and citrus arauntium. These herbs help stimulate the neuro transmitters to the brain for mental cognitive function, focus and also to help you get your go on immediately after drinking your first cup !!!

GO JAVA BEAN also infused this amazing coffee with 6 Organic mushrooms Shiitake, Mitake, Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyseps, and Chaga to boost your Vitamin D3, naturally supercharging your immune system and renewing cellular repair. We also added protein rich type 2 fish collagen to help with joint health and pain.

GO JAVA BEAN is the only coffee on the planet infused with these exclusive proprietary ingredients offered only by ADVANCED LABS LLC.


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