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How To Store Coffee Beans the Correct Way!

How To Store Coffee Beans the Correct Way!

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018


For full coffee flavor, the handling of the beans before brewing can actually have more of an impact on the quality in your cup than the brewing process. Roasted coffee beans are sensitive to moisture and may absorb flavors from the products stored near them.

Avoid Cold Temperatures

Don't store coffee beans in the cold. Freezing coffee beans breaks the porous nature of the beans and may infuse them with a flavor of onions or garlic, or whatever else is in your refrigerator. Putting coffee beans in the refrigerator causes the beans to exude their precious oil. Since the oil is where the flavor lives, exposing it to air will actually increase oxidation and age the coffee beans.

Coffee beans need a cool, dark storage area. The best way to store coffee beans is to keep them in their original packaging in the cupboard and use them within a week to ten days. If you need to keep them longer, consider investing in vacuum bags to keep out unwanted flavors.

When You've Got To Freeze

If you get the chance to buy whole beans of the best coffee brands and must freeze them, let them come to room temperature before grinding. Be aware that thawing coffee beans will be subjected to condensation, so try to remove them from plastic while they thaw out. If they came in a paper pack, let them thaw out in the paper.

Don't Give Up On Stale Beans

Brewing hot coffee from stale beans will result in a cup of nastiness. However, stale beans can be used to make cold brew coffee with little impact on flavor. If you've a French Press, you can coarse grind the beans and brew them over time before decanting. Even the best coffee brands can get stale in the cupboard, but you don't have to toss them.

Use It Up

Many wines age beautifully. Coffee does not. The best way to store coffee beans is with an eye to using them up so the luscious flavor created by recent roasting can be thoroughly enjoyed. If you love great coffee, find a local roaster and give them your business. A daily coffee ritual will add to your quality of life, so why not invest in the best beans you can find?

Final Thoughts

Bulk buying may be all the rage for paper products, but quality coffee takes a bit more attention. Buy our terrific, freshly roasted beans. Store them in a cool, dry cupboard. Don't freeze or refrigerate your beans. Only buy what you can grind and use up in a seven to ten day stretch of time. Enjoy!


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